Thanksgiving Balsamic Green Beans with Bacon

Connie Thanksgiving Green Beans

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful to God for being the Provider of my life- my family, friends and for all the little things that make my life so blessed!

This year, I contributed to the Thanksgiving dinner by making my Balsamic Green Beans with Bacon and it was really a hit! Everyone loved it and asked me how I made it so here it is!  I made this dish last year using  Laura Vitale’s recipe but this year, I really made this dish my own by making a few adjustments: bacon instead of pancetta and balsamic glaze instead of balsamic vinegar.

Green Beans Side Dish
Balsamic Green Beans with Bacon


Below are the main ingredients:

French Green Beans
2-kb bag of French Green Beans


Turkey Bacon
8oz package of Turkey Bacon


Use about 6 garlic cloves


TJ's Balsamic Glaze
Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze


– 2 lb bag of French Green Beans
– 8oz package of Turkey Bacon
– 6 cloves of garlic, minced
– 2-3 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze
– salt and pepper

– Boil all the beans in salted boiling water for about 3 min, then strain
– Chop the turkey bacon into bite-sized pieces. Will use about half of an 8oz package
– Sautee the turkey bacon for a few minutes and then add the minced garlic and sautee a little more
– Add about two tablespoons of the Balsamic Glaze to the turkey bacon and minced garlic and sautee lightly together for a few minutes
– Add the strained Green Beans, mixing everything together. Do this for 3-4 minutes or longer, depending on how soft you want the beans.
– Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste
*Optional: at the very end, add more of the balsamic glaze to intensify the flavor if needed

How was YOUR Thanksgiving? And what are you most thankful for??

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