12 Month Baby & Postpartum Update

Happy 12 Months and HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to our little boy!

David 12 months 2

Exactly one year ago today, you were brought into the world and our lives changed forever. Having you has given us a glimpse into what God’s love is like for us. It’s been a joy watching you grow this past year and it’s a joy most indescribable- one that only a parent could understand.

David 12 months 3

This past week, you were brave enough to take a few steps on your own, you started dancing to certain music that you like and you’ve called out for mommy and daddy waiting for us to respond. And boy do we love it when you call out “Umma!” “Appa!” with that adorable voice of yours! One thing mommy regrets is not putting shoes on you earlier so you can get used to them. You hate having shoes on! You love eating fresh blueberries and mandarins, specifically Blue Jay brand mandarins from the Korean market because they are so juicy and sweet.

David 12 months 3

David 12 months 4

David 12 months 5

Now that you’ve turned one, we’re just waiting for you to sleep through the night- PLEASE start sleeping through night! And toddlerdom, here we come!

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