10 Month Baby & Postpartum Update!

Happy 10 Months to our David! He weighs 20 lbs and is still around 30 inches long! He is officially crawling on all fours now and does the occasional army crawl when he’s too tired or lazy.  He has 8 teeth right now and loves to snack on teething wafers made of rice.img_9667

In addition to clapping, he has also started to wave! It’s so amazing when a baby starts to act like a real human being and expresses himself; it is the cutest thing ever!  Oh and he even knows how to do a High Five! I taught him that and he learned how to do it so quick!  He is slowly getting over his social anxiety with adults because he doesn’t cry as much when they come up to him. David loves to be around other babies and lucky for us there are a lot of them at our church!


One thing about David that I noticed as he gets older is that he is very quick. Sometimes he seems like a little bunny rabbit, the way he zips around our small apartment.  He has a hop, a little jump to his step and he definitely keeps mommy and daddy on our toes because of it.  I mean, he can’t walk yet, but he just has quick movements and we constantly have to have a watchful eye or he’ll get himself hurt! Speaking of that, David bumps his head constantly on things and sometimes falls over while sitting up.  I think this happens when he’s super tired.  The guy just doesn’t sleep a lot because he’s too energetic! He’s just totally jazzed about the fact that he can move around and explore everything so… why waste the day sleeping??


Aside from all the good stuff I write about my precious boy, I guess I’ll have to balance that out with the bad.  It’s not horribly bad, but I noticed David has a temper.  He gets really mad when he doesn’t get his way or he’s unhappy about something.  He’ll fling himself backwards or he’ll keep crying despite mommy and daddy trying to console or distract him.  Problem is, he’s not easily distracted and we can’t pull a fast one on him.  He’s too smart for that!


Super energetic and full of life, there’s never a dull moment with David! We love him so much!


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